Energy In A Bowl

This lunch packs protein, perfect after jumping rope on the roof staring at the Hollywood sign shrouded in midday haze followed by handstand pushups against the wall while Dubtribe Sound System’s West Coast house vibe thumps from the BOSE speakers in the living room. Baby broccoli that escaped from it’s mum, scooped up by a hungry, cheating vegan-at-times. Wilted on the stovetop in organic vegetable broth with Tuscan kale, hit with heat and Hawaiian ONO seasoning. While the greens wilt, I toss together tri-color quinoa, black beans, and carrots sliced thin, along with chopped parsley and slivered ginger for more kick, then dress it in macadamia nut oil, rice vinegar, freshly grated lemon zest, and more ONO. I scoop the quinoa-bean-carrot mixture atop the broc-kale base,  then plop a sliced avo onto the grains along with a couple of hard-boiled eggs, yokes still soft. Another sprinkling of rice vinegar, a few drops of hot chili sesame oil, and a shower of coarse grain ancient Hawaiian Alaea garlic salt, and this is a party for the ‘buds as well as building blocks for muscle. Good eating.

protein-packing power lunch

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