All Hail The King

As bartenders, we do whatever it takes to get us through the night. Often, that means shots, just to dull the pain a bit. My shot of choice? Fernet Branca. With forty different herbs and vegetables, not to mention a healthy Codeine boost, this Italian digestif gives me a buzz, but it’s more of an upper than, say, Jameson, my old default poison.

Last night, my boss dubbed himself The King of Fernet, and rightly so. He brings the elixir to the masses, to beautiful effect. Thanks to this great man, I became a convert myself.

To my surprise, he also swears by Goji Berry juice, saying he takes two shots daily to help weather the draining effects of working Wall Street hours to keep our little empire of a bar running on all eight.

That berry juice seems to be working. As far as I can tell, my boss is indestructible. I’ve never seen anyone take that many shots of Fernet night in and night out and still do his job better than any general manager or owner I’ve worked with in my seven years behind the stick.

Perhaps it’s no mystery, though. He’s got his uppers and downers all figured out, his Goji Berry yin to his Fernet yang. Let us all heed The King’s sage advice, and obey when he tells us to take our medicine. For Fernet is medicine indeed, for the bartender and patron alike. At times I wonder how I ever survived the nocturnal grind without it.

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