Slingin’ the pots and pans

sunday dinnerWhile the Lagunitas Little Sumpin’ Wild ale takes effect, I remember there’s cod in my freezer, parsnips in my crisper, and Russets on my counter, waiting to satiate my craving for something…substantial. After two nights in a row of grinding behind the stick ’til 2 a.m., wiping down bottles and straightening bills ’til 3, getting home and vegging out on beer, pretzels, potato chips, and Netflix, I hunger for good, hearty, whole food. Time for some Lagunitas-fueled kitchen magic! While a live concert rages just outside my kitchen window and my roommates take shots from an errant bottle of Bacardi that ended up in our freezer, I bake spuds, roast ‘snips, and cook the cod to flaky, succulent perfection. With help from California Estate Arbequina extra virgin olive oil, Cypriot Pyramid Salt, freshly ground rainbow peppercorns, and juice from a lemon that fell from a tree in a Hollywood backyard, the whole ensemble comes together just after 11 p.m. for a late-night Sunday feast, much needed after the Bushmill’s beating my liver took last night thanks to a regular who needed a whiskey-inclined drinking partner while his fussy accomplice sipped Grey Goose martinis.

On Sunday, I say, Give me some respite from the bartending slog. Give me cod. And, since it’s in the fridge, give me a Lagunitas.

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