Autumnal Sanctuary

fake fall foliage i

An NYC transplant in a season-less city, I scatter synthetic Fall foliage on my bedroom floor to remember autumn days of yore in the chillier ‘hood of my youth.

Halloween has come and gone, November has begun, and finally the air turns brisk in LA. Time to hunker down and tap away at my laptop to the hypnotic beats of electronic music artist Mark Fanciulli.

Or, on a nippy Saturday night, I dive into a pre-shift writing sesh, spooked and revved up by the eerie yet upbeat sounds of Akbal Music’s Dance Spirit Podcast.

Music is my drug – it gets me in “the zone”, that place any speed ‘tender knows so well, where focus, concentration, Zen, and adrenaline converge, so that I can slam drinks for thirsty WeHo on the busiest bar night of the week.