Group Drinking, Done Right

Go ahead. Be baller.

If you sidle up to the bar with several friends, why not offer to buy everyone a round? Not only does it make you look classy and generous in front of your crew, it makes my life much easier, especially if I’m dealing with plastic.

Swiping one credit card for one transaction involving several drinks is much more efficient than swiping five or six credit cards for each individual. When seven people walk up to the bar as a group and each of them orders, and insists on paying, separately, it slows down service for everyone at the bar.

I love to cater to every patron’s whim, yet I truly appreciate those most considerate of drinkers who gallantly buy a round for their entire posse. It speeds up the process, and time is money. More importantly, time is alcohol, in your body, which makes you have more fun.

This unwritten rule of etiquette holds especially true, I would argue, at lower priced establishments like dive bars. Where I tend, for example, 5 drinks at happy hour can easily cost less than $20. This is roughly the price of just one or two drinks at swankier, more expensive joints in the area.

So next time you order a vodka soda, a Jack and coke, a Bud Light, and two shots of tequila, and the grand total is $19, just hand me that card, flash a sexy smile, and tell your posse, “I got it.” They, and I, will respect and remember you for the rest of the night. Even better, throw down cash and tip heftily. I will make sure it comes back to you.

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